What is Elementor for WordPress?

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress Page Builder plugin. That means its entire job is to help you design beautiful pages with as little coding as possible.

It does this through an intuitive drag, drop and duplicate interface where you can see exactly how your content will look for the visitor… while you are building it!?

Page builders like Elementor have allowed non-coders to become incredibly successful web designers, and choosing a page builder for your website is a huge decision (because you’ll use it just about every day!).

What is Elementor Pro?

Elementor has both a free version and a paid pro version.

This makes it perfect for beginners to dip their toes in the waters before committing to making the small investment to go pro.

While the free version will allow you to build nice looking landing pages by itself, the true power of Elementor is reserved for its pro version.

At the time of this writing, the pro version is $49 per year for a single site, up to $199 per year for unlimited sites (Discounts also apply, read on!).

Elementor Free vs Pro Features

Elementor is an extremely full-featured page builder, so you may wonder if it is even necessary to upgrade to the pro version.

Here are some of the must-have features of the Pro version that I think justify the upgrade fee:

The features above are really a must-have if you want to have full design freedom and increased functionality in your websites. We will cover these features more throughout this post.

Elementor Page Builder Widgets

Elementor includes dozens of widgets to help you efficiently build your pages:

And the Pro version adds even more interesting and useful widgets like the Pricing Table and Blog post list widgets:

Elementor Integrations

Integrations should be a big consideration for anyone considering a new page builder. In this section of the review I want to talk briefly about Elementor’s openness to 3rd party plugins, as well as their built in integrations with Email providers.


Where can I find supporting documentation ? You can find fully documentation of Elementor here or create a new ticket on here ( if you already bought the Pro version )

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Flexbox Layout: Elementor 2.5.0 includes advanced layout capabilities made possible thanks to the transition to the Flexbox CSS method, incorporated into the columns.

Elementor Experiments: Elementor Experiments allow users to test and help shape new features before they are released

Optimized DOM: The optimized DOM output experiment aims to improve performance by decreasing the number of wrapper elements present in the HTML that is generated by Elementor.

Optimized Assets Loading: Optimized Assets Loading is meant to improve a website’s front end performance by only loading functionality needed by that page.

Accessibility Improvements: The Accessibility Improvement experiment aims to improve accessibility of Elementor widgets

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